How to Fix Bow Legs Without Surgery

How to Fix Bow Legs Without Surgery? ☽♡♚
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How to Fix Bow Legs Without Surgery in Any Age – Bow Legs No More Program:

Alternatives to Surgery

For those who have normal legs, it can be difficult to imagine the desperation caused by having bow legs as an adult. In a child, bowed legs can often be straightened, sometimes with medical braces, but an adult seems doomed to a life of reduced physical activity, and of imminent arthritis.

Is surgery a realistic option?
Not really. Just consider the risks. The surgeon will actually remove or even break some of the bones in your legs. This carries a massive risk of infection, and certainly a risk of damage to your nerves. If the nerves are damaged, you will be left with a permanent disability – a permanent loss of function in one of your legs.

Worse, the surgeon will actually put metal clamps on you, attaching them to your legs to maintain the shape of your legs post surgery. There will be permanent scars that you will have to bear with for the rest of your life. Finally, there’s the recovery period… it might take three or more months to recover, and you’ll have to find a way to take that time out of your life. Not to mention that the recovery will be painful.

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