Old School New Body Reviews – Max Workouts

Old School New Body Reviews – Max Workouts!

Old School New Body is a a youth-enhancing body-shaping program for men and women over the age of 35 who want to look and feel younger from fitness experts Steve & Becky Holman which allows you to: – Slow down the aging process down so that you stop looking older and older – and then start to reshape your body, so that it actually looks like you are aging in reverse! Sounds cool, right? Well, this program is designed to make that happen for you in less than 90 days! – Focus on doing short, intense “old school” workouts that get you into shape without the negative, overly taxing effects of “new age” moden workouts – Use Steve and Becky’s “Focus4 Exercise” Protocol (“F4X” for short). It’s a really unique approach that uses a special combination of moves. – Everything is super well organized into 3 phases, to make the program really easy to follow

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