6 Shocking Reasons You Should Stop Eating Chickens Now

6 Shocking Reasons You Should Stop Eating Chickens Now !!!!
Eating chicken is a barbaric practice that destroys both your health and the planet

All over the world, chicken seems to be a go-to ‘food’.

People are convinced that birds make a healthier option than pigs or cows. But under all those false promises – leanness, best source of protein, low in fat – poultry is not an ideal health food at all.

Eating chickens is not only a barbaric practice, but also extremely damaging to one’s health.

We’ve rounded-up some facts about chicken that will make you second-guess those nuggets.

1. Chickens are fed antibiotics, poisonous arsenic, grow hormones, steroids, tranquilizers, aspirin, and pesticides, THAT END UP IN YOUR BODY WHEN YOU EAT THEM.
2. Eating chickens increases risk of cancer and high-cholesterol.
3. Plumping( SALT WATER INJECTIONS) Chickens are filled with salt-water to increase weight and profits fro companies.
4. Animal/ chicken farms produce more pollution than automobile emissions.
5. Eating dead animals hurts your spirituality..

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