The Airplane Game – Brain Training for Dogs – Free Ebook

The Airplane Game – Brain Training for Dogs


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This nifty little e-book contains a simple game your visitors can play with their dogs right away, as well as a special “smacking sound” they can use to get their dog’s attention when needed.
How to training for dogs ? Brain training for dogs review

Here are just some of the things you will find in this comprehensive guide:
– 21 games to skyrocket your dog’s intelligence!
– Simple guides for teaching your dog obedience commands!
– Professional force-free techniques to easily correct bad behavior!
– Advanced tips and secrets to make dog training a breeze!
– Graded challenges to track your dog’s progress!
– Graded challenge demonstration videos!
– Plus a whole lot of fun and bonding!


Brain Training for Dogs is one of the only dog training products on ClickBank written by a professional trainer with listed credentials and an impressive body of work. Adrienne has over 1,000 followers on HubPages, and is one of the experts on where she answers the questions of dog owners worldwide.

Adrienne is an advocate of gentle and force-free training techniques which rely on positive reinforcement instead of punishment. Unlike many other training programs on ClickBank which use old training methods, Adrienne is always up to date with the latest in dog training science, meaning her techniques are modern and cutting edge. Not only will you be earning $$$, you will be improving the lives of dogs around the world by shifting owners away from the unfortunately common punishment-based methods.

The course has been rated highly by Dr. Jennifer Coates, a professional veterinarian who writes for, and Caryl Wolff, a dog training/behavior consultant with over 20 years of experience and several published books.


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